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Small Beginnings

I have been in Nashville for almost two years. It was a bold move for me to up and leave Philadelphia to come to Nashville, without a job. I knew only 2 acquaintances and had only a small savings (if that is what you would even call it). However, I was deteremined to get here and make it work. Shortly after getting it - the job hunt was daunting and no leads were found (creatively anyhow...), so I opted for whatever job I could, just to make some money and STAY in Nashville. And in doing so, in a small way, I lost sight of wanting a creative career. I definitely learned how to hustle, which was a good life lesson. Moving to Nashville was a dream, but it wasn't my only dream. I want to be creative, and I want a creative career (which could be an array of different paths). This website is my attempt to get back on track creatively and rekindle the creative job hunt.

So here's to putting myself out there, pushing fear aside (most days!) and to the amazing things God has in store! I'm ready for you, 2015!


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